Walk-In Cold Room Questions Answered

Jul 4, 2023 | Refrigeration, Cold Rooms

As specialists in walk-in cold rooms and chillers, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is here to help. So here’s a selection of the questions we are often asked by customers seeking a premier cooling solution.

What Is a Walk-In Cold Room?

A walk-in cold room is a chamber kept at a particular temperature, usually to refrigerate certain food products. It is essentially an entire room that has been turned into a refrigerator. Many restaurants, pubs, hotels, and amusement parks boast a walk-in cold room; they’re especially useful for establishments that require lots of frozen or refrigerated supplies on site.

The Design

Not that different to any other refrigeration system. It’s basically a giant, more powerful fridge, and works in a similar way using a compressor, a condenser, fans, and an evaporator to maintain the temperature within the unit. Once a gas refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, it expands, allowing the gas to absorb energy in the form of heat. The hot gas then flows from the compressor and passes over the evaporator coils, and after being liquefied under high pressure, it cools these evaporator coils and the air surrounding them. This whole system coupled with proper insulation thus ensures a contained and controlled temperature throughout the room.

What Is the Purpose of a Walk-In Cold Room?

Cold rooms allow businesses to store lots of supplies that need to be refrigerated or frozen. Most often, those supplies are food, and the businesses are restaurants and other hospitality venues. However, pharmacies and clinics can also use cold rooms to store temperature-sensitive medical supplies, such as vaccines. Cold rooms can either refrigerate or freeze their contents depending on your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Cold Room?

There are four types of walk-in cold room: storage, freezing, deep-freezing, and blast chiller rooms.

A Storage Cold Room

Also called a positive temperature cold room because it keeps its contents at temperatures above zero degrees. These cold rooms are basically large refrigerators, and they store the same sorts of products, such as short-term perishable food, condiments, drinks, and some medical products.

A Freezing Cold Room

On the other hand, maintains sub-zero temperatures, which is why it’s also called a negative-temperature cold room. Inside them, you’ll find many of the same frozen foods you’d find in a household freezer. Medical facilities also use them for organic material and vaccines.


A tunnel keeps supplies even colder, at around -30 degrees at the very least. You’ll see these in many factories, where the products are moved around the chamber and frozen that way. They’re usually used for meat products.

And a Blast Chiller

This walk-in cold room is all about speed. These rooms are meant to very quickly chill their contents to kill off any contaminants. They’re mainly used for hygiene and sanitation rather than storage, and they work wonders for many industrial kitchens.

What Temperature Should a Walk-In Cold Room Be?

That depends on the sort of cold room you have. A storage cold room will usually have a couple of settings depending on how long you would like to store your supplies. They generally range between -2°C and 12°C.

A freezing cold room keeps things at -18°C or colder. The ideal freezer maintains temperatures between -18°C and -22°C. If you are worried that yours might be malfunctioning, we are always happy to help with maintenance or repairs.

Does a Cold Room Need Ventilation?

Yes, a good cold room features good ventilation. Refrigeration usually creates moisture and without ventilation that moisture is sitting in an enclosed space for long periods. That leads to issues like mould and even some kinds of fungus, which can be a big health hazard in many industries. Here at Batchelor, we also work with air conditioning, so we’re experts when it comes to good ventilation.

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