Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

It’s essential in many industries that their refrigeration systems operate efficiently, safely and for a long natural lifespan. We provide leading brands at affordable prices to varied customers.

Cold Rooms and Cellars

We guide you through the process, designing and installing perfect walk-in cold rooms, preserving products at a safe and optimal temperature to ensure stock remain in the best condition possible.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Refrigeration Units


At Batchelor we supply every type of commercial refrigeration solution for companies and businesses throughout the UK. Whether you find your business is in need of a bottle cooler and ice machine for a bar area, or you require a chest freezer for your small retail outlet, our refrigeration engineers have the expertise and contacts to guarantee your installation will be a success.

But we don’t just stop at temporary and removable refrigeration options. No, at Batchelor we can also design and supply a customised walk-in cold room for your restaurant, supermarket or hotel.


Refrigeration Solutions for Most Commercial Sectors

Our refrigeration engineers supply and install refrigeration equipment to most commercial outlets, as well as the industrial sector. Locations include hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, bars, leisure outlets and warehouses.

And we have been doing so for more than three decades now. So, when you hire one of the Batchelor refrigeration engineers you know it’s our years of experience, together with our skills and knowledge that are all being applied to make your project the best it can be.


Refrigeration Installation and Design

We will always consult with any prospective client initially to find out why they need refrigeration in the first place. We will then advise them on the type of solution that will best suit their needs. There is no point paying for a chill cabinet when what you really need is simply a deep chest freezer, for instance.


Top Refrigeration Brands

At the same time, we will never advise cutting corners by opting for a solution that doesn’t suit your needs. Usually that means dismissing a less expensive unbranded option you may be considering, due to its poor quality and unreliability. At Batchelor we only work with quality brands. That way we know our clients are getting the best we can offer them and their appliances can easily stand the test of time.


Fast and Full Servicing and Maintenance

We always carry out servicing and regular planned maintenance on the refrigeration equipment we install if our clients require it. In fact, we definitely advise a service check, preferably every six months but routinely every year. That way any potential problems are caught before they are allowed to get worse – and more expensive to fix.

It is easy to replace a part, but more disruptive and expensive to have to order a whole new refrigeration system, after all.

You will find too that if you do require maintenance, then we will always attempt to attend to your premises within 48 hours ie the following day, if not before. If it is an emergency then our refrigeration engineers do offer a round-the-clock service. That’s because we recognise that for most of our clients, having a refrigeration system is a crucial part of their business and one which many simply can’t function without.


Planned Maintenance

The planned maintenance services our Batchelors engineers perform on your refrigeration equipment is detailed. It involves checking all parts are in good working order, as well as carrying out additional tests to prevent any future problems that may arise, causing expensive disruption to your business.

We will also clean parts and routinely sanitise internal pumps, coils and drains. That way we can ensure any bacteria doesn’t get the chance to develop. At the same time, we will use acid foam to clean the outdoor coils on your refrigeration system.

You will be given a service book for any refrigeration equipment we design, provide and install. This will be updated regularly after our visit and a record kept of any upgrades, repair work and maintenance issues attended to.

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Cold Room Installation


UV-C Air Disinfection

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