What Is the Purpose of a Cold Room?

Apr 10, 2022 | Refrigeration

As long-established, highly experienced and well-reputed installers and repairers of cold rooms, we are among the best people to explain to you the purpose of a cold room and what it’s for. A cold room is essentially a refrigerating chamber in which a specific temperature is artificially generated and controlled. It is normally designed and used for storing products in a cold environment below the outside ambient temperature, such as perishables like fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and certain plants and flowers – all mostly on a commercial scale for businesses like restaurants, supermarkets laboratories and large warehouses.

Cold rooms are also used for engineering and chemical products, which often require specific temperatures for processing or to slow down chemical reactions. Even more interestingly, cold rooms are frequently used for storing and transporting more sensitive temperature-dependent items, such as pharmaceutical drugs, medication and biological goods like human organs and bodies!

When Did They Come Into Use?

The invention – that’s quite like a giant walk-in refrigerator – may sound like a modern marvel, but the concept has actually been around for quite some time. The very first cold rooms were called “snowfields”, which were a kind of walled well with openings where snow would be deposited, and ice would be extracted. The purpose was to keep the ice even if the snow melted. Following this time, cold rooms even played a major role in the maritime industry ever since the late nineteenth century, when the international trade and commercialisation of perishable produce became much more on a global scale.

Why Use a Cold Room?

Cold rooms provide precise temperature control for commercial facilities that need powerful, reliable and consistent refrigeration or freezing – and for unstable perishable items like food and chemicals, this means long-term temperature control is needed. Ultimately, businesses that deal with these kinds of products can enjoy convenience and peace of mind knowing that their precious, delicate goods will see lower deterioration rates, better preservation in optimum conditions, and will be adhering to the legally required standards of commercial storage for various types of stock.

How Does a Cold Room Work?

A cold room’s design isn’t that much different from any other refrigeration system. It’s basically a giant, more powerful fridge, and works in a similar way using a compressor, a condenser, fans, and an evaporator that all maintain the temperature within the unit. Once a gas refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, it expands, allowing the gas to absorb energy in the form of heat. The hot gas then flows from the compressor and passes over the evaporator coils, and after being liquefied under high pressure, it cools these evaporator coils and the air surrounding them. This whole system coupled with proper insulation thus ensures a contained and controlled temperature throughout the room.

What is a Cold Room Like?

Our walk-in cold rooms are specifically tailored and customised for each business’s individual needs and routines, which means every single one is unique to the next. Typically, though, a cold room provides a large storage space that is temperature controlled, so that whatever produce you store doesn’t spoil.

When you walk into your cold room, you’ll see that all your stock is in view and easy to find with items all kept on convenient shelving. In addition, our industrial cold rooms can also incorporate long-lasting and economical LED lighting, illuminating the cold room and shelves so that your stock can easily be seen and found.

For even further convenience and safety, we can also install security and safety systems that help to keep your goods and your employees safe, such as alarms and an emergency release mechanism. Finally, we have even more options and additions available for cold rooms should you need them – simply get in touch and we can design the perfect cold room for your specific needs.

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