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Industrial cold rooms are an essential item for many businesses and industries these days.

From restaurants to hotels, pubs and other food retail outlets it is essential to maintain goods at a particular temperature to ensure they don’t spoil. The same can be said for medicines, plants and even cosmetics and art works.

Here at Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration we are refrigeration and cold room specialists for industries, having supplied walk-in cold rooms and other refrigeration solutions in locations such as Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire for more than three decades now.

As a result, we are confident about our ability to advise you on the type of walk-in chiller room that we believe will best suit your business needs.

Choose Energy Efficient Equipment

Although we’ve been operating for almost three decades, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration remains at heart a local business, prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers. This means that we’ll never spring hidden fees on you, and only stock equipment which is certifiably energy efficient. Help have a positive effective on both the environment and on your energy bills today.

Quality Industrial Cold Rooms Are Essential

Keeping products and stock cold and maintained at key optimum temperatures is a task that no reputable company would take a chance with. Every part of the facility must perform efficiently and accurately, and the installation needs to meet the manufacturer’s exacting recommendations. The consequences of accepting second best can spell disaster in a way other industries would not suffer. If you are researching industrial cold storage for sale for your business, then the biggest decision you need to make is the one of risk versus budget. If you check out manufacturers of quality refrigeration equipment, the top brands associated with household appliances will come to your attention. There will also be other manufacturers you have never heard of. There’s your first risk-to-decision scenario. The throw-away comment of “you get what you pay for” is never truer than in the world of industrial range cold rooms.

Industrial Cold Room Experience Spanning Over 20 Years Across Buckinghamshire

Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration were formed in 2001 and has cultivated a reputation for installing only the very best refrigeration plants. Over time, we have come to recognise the true quality manufacturers. The market leaders that have performed with admirable reliability over long periods of time. In effect, our reputation has been linked with this unwavering performance.

There have been challenges along the way, with supermarkets and food retailers taking up more lines that need purchase point refrigeration and pharmaceutical companies keeping more medicines at controlled temperatures. As a result, many companies now need multiple and large industrial cold rooms and storage facilities. This needs planning, installation precision and reliable equipment. Here at Batchelors, we know and understand the process.

There’s an added consideration today in the energy performance of refrigeration plants, which is once again, positively dominated by the market leaders. Older systems are less efficient and can throw up hidden energy consumption which will naturally impact production costs. Read More

Batchelor Refrigeration Offer Practical Solutions at Reasonable Prices

In the twenty years we’ve been in business, we have adapted our service offerings every time we have recognised a new market trend or need. Today, many of our enquiries come from companies that are wanting to install the best-performing system they can afford and are looking towards a finance package to achieve their goals. Batchelor works with a reputable financing company and offers exceptional deals for all sizes of systems. In addition, we are constantly working with wholesalers and manufacturers to bring not just industrial cold room in Buckinghamshire but also industrial heat pumps discount deals. Please check with our sales team for current offers.

Get in Touch Today for a No-Obligation Quotation for Your Industrial Cold Storage

We are sure that by now, you can see that Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration have the pedigree and track record to warrant consultation about your refrigeration needs. If you would like to receive a quotation for your industrial cold room from our sales team, then please get in touch by calling on 01234 712 901 or email us at Depending on your needs, we’ll arrange a convenient appointment time to assess.
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