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When we talk about commercial refrigeration, we are referring to large chill display cabinets in supermarket aisles, chest freezers in bars and walk in cold rooms and cellars in restaurants and warehouses. And that’s just the start. There are also refrigerated counters, blast freezers, bottle coolers, ice cream machines and drinks dispensers in many private and public buildings throughout the UK.


From Retail Shops to Hospitals

Many business ventures these days involve some form of commercial refrigeration solution – regardless of size. Here at Batchelor we advise and install chest freezers, display freezers etc for small retail shops to large warehouses and everything in between.

And it’s not just food retailers and catering companies who require reliable round the clock freezing and chilling techniques. Pharmaceutical companies need to keep many drugs in controlled temperatures while farmers rely on cooling techniques for animals feed and hospitals require cooling and freezing solutions for various medical reasons.


Cooling Equipment for Safety

It’s essential to have the correct commercial refrigeration solutions in place, not just for ensuring that foodstuffs remain fresh and appetising, but also to secure your business reputation and ultimately save lives. Food poisoning is an unwanted side effect of refrigeration equipment which is not up to its job. Foodstuffs are ruined which, in turn, can pose a danger to the public. Food poisoning could also see a business owner land in court with a huge fine or prison sentence, as well as all the bad publicity that would entail.


Using Recognisable Refrigeration Suppliers

It makes sense then to have a good commercial refrigeration system that you can rely on unreservedly. And this is where we come in at Batchelor. Having been in the refrigeration trade for more than 30 years now we have learned a thing or two. At the same time, we have managed to build up an excellent network of contacts. In terms of equipment we know what works, having experienced it ourselves and learned from other refrigeration engineers and customers in the trade.


Type of Cooling Equipment we Supply at Batchelor

You can be sure that when you contact a member of our team for a consultation that you will benefit from installation of equipment by some of the top brands both in the UK and Europe. This ensures you are in receipt of quality equipment which in some cases, is the best – and most reliable – in the industry.


Energy Efficient Refrigeration for a Modern Age

Those same quality brands are also conscious of the environment and their customers’ purses. That means using as little energy as possible but maintaining the same efficient cooling effects. It’s a fine balancing act, but very necessary in this day and age, due to climate change. The good news for customers is that ‘green measures’ also keep utility bills low.

In addition to designing a bespoke refrigeration system for each customer, the team here at Batchelor will also explain how the system works and how to maintain it. Of course, it will require professional maintenance and servicing at least once a year and we can perform this too. That way, you can be sure if, years down the line, a problem does look imminent, then you can resolve it before the refrigeration has to be turned off and your business disrupted in turn.

Commercial refrigeration systems must also be compliant within the law and this is another area in which we can advise.


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To find out more about the type of refrigeration that may suit your company best, get in touch for a consultation today. It won’t just save you money but also provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Choose Energy Efficient Equipment

Although we’ve been operating for almost three decades, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration remains at heart a local business, prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers. This means that we’ll never spring hidden fees on you, and only stock equipment which is certifiably energy efficient. Help have a positive effective on both the environment and on your energy bills today.

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