Air Conditioning Solutions and Installations in Northampton

Operating for over three decades, our licensed engineers specialise in the installation and servicing of high-quality air conditioning for properties in Northampton.

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 Air Conditioning Solutions and Installations in Northampton

Why Choose Batchelor for Air Conditioning in Northampton?

Homeowners and businesses alike depend on our exceptional service. We provide competitively priced tailored air conditioning installations in Northampton and maintain an impressive list of industry accreditations.

Our Key Air Conditioning Solutions in Northampton

Serving commercial and industrial sectors, we are the ideal choice for air conditioning services in Northampton. 

Industrial AC Milton Keynes

Commercial AC Installation

We provide a tailored and bespoke approach to each commercial client focusing on their needs and their unique premises to ensure a system that functions optimally.

regular air conditioning maintenance wall mount unit

Commercial AC Repair & Servicing

When your system is in place, Bachelor will maintain, repair and service your commercial air conditioning – letting your AC fall into disrepair can be detrimental, let us handle it.

How It Works – Air Conditioning Installation in Northampton

Our installation process, much like our rates, are transparent.


Speak to our expert staff to discuss exactly what you require. 



We’ll then provide a bespoke quote to your specifications for your new air conditioning system.


With the agreed upon quote, we will install your air conditioning system at your convenience. 



After installation is complete, we offer maintenance services, as well as a 10-year warranty to ensure the longevity of your system. 

Others Services We Offer in Northampton

Many businesses depend on industrial air conditioning in Northampton. We also provide a variety of other services to commercial customers in Northampton such as heating, heating pumps, refrigeration and more.


Heat Pumps



Cold Room Installation


UV-C Air Disinfection

What Our Customers Think

Check out the positive reviews for our air conditioning services in Northampton:

Dan Cole
Dan Cole
We always receive a quality service with the projects always being spot on and completed on time. Thank you Mark, Ryan and the team!
Lisa Buckridge
Lisa Buckridge
good communication, efficient service - would recommend as a company.
Derek Parrott
Derek Parrott
Always prompt courteous service, with knowledgeable staff. Competitive pricing.
James Hurn
James Hurn
Fantastic team, really helpful and responsive. The quality of workmanship is excellent. Highly recommended!
Maureen Feger
Maureen Feger
Air Con unit installed in time for the summer heat. Such a relief to know I will be cool and able to cope, not like in previous years. Ian the engineer was v helpful, nothing was too much trouble and he has done a superb job. Superb service and quick responses. Absolutely thrilled.
Ng Vicky
Ng Vicky
Very fast in response. The air cond installation is greatly done! I’m very happy with their professional service! Two thumbs up! 👍 👍 I’d highly recommend them
Harwinder Jutla
Harwinder Jutla
I found them a very professional organisation. From start to finish they kept me well informed and communication was excellent. The installation itself lookes very neat and professional. No mess was left afterwards - the house and garden area was as tidy as when they arrived.
Steve Pask
Steve Pask
Engineer arrived between times planned. Very thorough maintenance visit, found an old mouse nest in the outdoor unit behind the ducting. Luckily no damage attributed to mouse! He left with possible issues which would wait until next maintenance cycle, when he would bring the required parts. Overall very impressed.
Tony Wood
Tony Wood
Ceetak use Batchelors for annual servicing of all Air Conditioning units across our sites along with recent installation and must say they offer a professional service with good communication ,price competitive and agreed on time deliveries.

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Air Conditioning in Northampton – FAQs

How can a regular air conditioning service benefit the performance and longevity of my system in Northampton?

The best way to avoid a major system malfunction is through preventative measures. Regular maintenance ensures your unit stays efficient and prevents a small problem turning into a big issue.

What are common issues that may require air conditioning repair in Northamptonshire?

The most common issues involve refrigerant leaks, frozen coils and drainage problems. Some of these can be quite dangerous and pose a safety hazard. Therefore, we provide a maintenance package that provides an affordable way to receive regular check-ups.

What factors should I consider when choosing an air conditioning installation company in Northampton?

It’s important to consider the complexity of the job and your budget. Our 30-plus years of experience makes us equipped to handle any job, regardless of complexity and our financing options can assist with providing you an affordable plan for your air conditioning installation. Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote and start your journey today.

Are there specific considerations for installing domestic air conditioning systems in Northampton residences?

Most domestic air conditioning in Northampton won’t require specific considerations for installation. There are a few instances where you may need to seek approval, such as if a property is near a conservation area, your installation is within a metre of other property boundaries or your system is larger than 0.6m³.

What HVAC services do you offer for residential and commercial properties in Northampton?

We cater to both domestic and commercial properties in Northampton and provide services such as HVAC maintenance, heat pumps, refrigeration, ventilation and UV-C air disinfection.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my air conditioning system in Northampton?

Scheduled regular maintenance with an expert is one of the best ways to improve long-term energy efficiency. This includes the proper disposal of hazardous refrigerants, along with checking the integrity of pipework and replacing filters. Give us a call to discuss your commercial or domestic air conditioning needs and improve the efficiency of your system today.

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