An air source heat pump (ASHP) offers unparalleled benefits to modern homes and businesses, which is why many people are now incorporating them with their existing heating systems or switching to them entirely. However, no two properties are the same and some may not be suited to an air source heat pump at all. To help you decide if an air source heat pump is right for your home or business, we’ve prepared a list of points to consider that will be helpful if you’re thinking about getting one now or in the future.

Is Your Property Insulated?

In order to reap the rewards of an air source heat pump system, your home or business must already be well-insulated or get insulated if not – ideally at an A or B EPC grade. This is important if you want efficient and optimum running of your unit, a high return and low operating costs in the long run.

Consider the Costs

Purchasing and installing an air source heat pump can be quite costly initially. The upfront price can vary between £8,000 to £18,000 depending on the size and nature of your property. There can also be hidden or additional costs if you decide to install a combined heating and cooling system.

However, despite these high initial costs, they are overall significantly lower than a ground source heat pump (GSHP) – a special kind of heating and cooling system for buildings that use a heat pump to transfer heat to or from the ground. A GSHP can cost around £30,000, which is much higher than the price of an ASHP.

Find the Right Installation and System

An incorrectly specified, installed and commissioned industrial air source heat pump will be very expensive to run and could be as much as £10 per day in such a case. This is because having the wrong kind of system for your property or one that is not properly placed and fitted with professional expertise will entail lower heating and cooling output, decreased efficiency, and much higher energy bills as a result. In addition, due to the extra strain on an improperly fitted and specified system, it can mean that it will be more prone to damage and could even suffer a breakdown in due course.

Why Do You Want an ASHP?

One of the main points to consider when deciding to get an air source heat pump is the reason why you may need one. It’s important to ask yourself a few questions to figure out if such a system is indeed right for you and your home or business. Why do you want to install an ASHP? Is it for greater heating and cooling efficiency? To help reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly property? Or perhaps is it down to the rising utility costs and you want to benefit from an ASHP’s lower energy bills? If you said yes to any of those points, then an ASHP may be the right solution for your property.

After all is said and done, an air source heat pump is a fantastic heating and cooling solution for homes and businesses. With benefits such as better efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and lower energy bills, an ASHP is a befitting system that will enhance most people’s properties. But because this kind of unit may not be right for everyone for reasons such as initial costs, lack of insulation, and incorrect specifications and installation for your specific kind of property, it’s crucial to personally assess if an ASHP is right for you. Ask yourself the questions mentioned above and consider the points made, and you should be able to decide if an ASHP is the right solution – and if you need help, we’re right here.

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