Five Questions to Ask Your Cold Room Supplier

Apr 8, 2022 | Refrigeration

As a premier cold room supplier, we know all too well that a chiller or freezer room is a significant investment. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re receiving prime quality products, workmanship and customer service, and only source your cold room from an experienced, established and reputable company with excellent reviews and a proven track record. There are also several other vital points to consider when scoping out a supplier for your cold room, and as long-standing industry professionals ourselves, these are the top questions we know you should be asking your supplier.

Do You Have Evidence that Your Company is Good?

When sifting through cold room suppliers, it’s important to look for reviews and testimonials from other customers. Another great way to gauge the company in question is to request customer references and ask to view previous work. Any reputable company will be more than happy to provide this information to put your mind at ease, and if they’re not, we’d advise you to be cautious.

Also, do check that the company is REFCOM registered and holds a full F-Gas Company Certificate. We at Bachelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration tick all those boxes and more; we are REFCOM and CSCS registered, and will gladly offer legitimate testimonials, portfolios and will put you in contact with our customers should you wish to hear authentic feedback and view our workmanship.

What Kind of Cold Room Do I Need?

This question requires in-depth analysis and tailoring to your personal needs, which we highly recommend is discussed over the phone initially. We are leading installers and repairers of cold rooms in the industry, which means we can offer personalised advice depending on exactly what you need. We will find the exact product for your cold storage requirements, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Does Your Company Subcontract Installations?

Some companies don’t have cold room experience and expertise, and their subcontracting installation and engineering work to a third party is indicative of this. Because we do all our own installations and work ourselves, our customers can be reassured that we are experienced professionals in the cold room domain, with our expertise being second to none.

This not only means world-class workmanship and the best cold room products on the market, but also offers our customers consistency with service from first contact right through to designing, engineering and building of their cold room.

Can You Remove and/or Relocate Existing Cold Rooms?

Ask if the company can relocate and reinstall existing cold rooms. This is an important service that not all cold room suppliers can offer, but we certainly do. As leading industry professionals with over 30 years of experience, we can remove, relocate and re-install existing cold rooms – simply get in touch and we can explain the process and how it all works.

What if There’s a Problem Afterwards?

A reputable cold room supplier will provide post-sales care and will offer solutions should something go wrong – especially if a third-party subcontractor was employed to produce and install your cold room. Because we undertake our own installations, our customers are safe in knowing that our expert workmanship and first-class products come with unbeatable warranties and assurances. Plus, we also advise our customers on the servicing and maintenance of their cold rooms to ensure they remain in peak performance and enjoy a longer lifespan.

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