Project: Daikin VRV Brings Victorian School up to Date

Apr 2, 2024 | Air Conditioning

VRV Installation Project

We recently completed the installation of a Daikin VRV (variable refrigerant volume) heat pump system, replacing an old oil boiler in what was originally a 19th-century Victorian school.

The council building in Olney has been converted into a variety of newly-renovated spaces, including offices, community areas, function rooms and a nursery.

Three Daikin VRV outdoor units are connected to 25 floor-standing indoor units throughout the building. The installation will deliver lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions, while still providing highly efficient heating and cooling, and we are confident that the customer.

The VRV system is a great choice for a wide range of applications. It features a continuous heating function that uses stored energy while the units are in defrost mode. This helps to keep operating costs down and maintains indoor comfort during even the coldest conditions. This technology makes the Daikin solution a highly attractive alternative to traditional heating systems.

About VRV Systems

VRF or VRV air conditioning systems tend to be for larger buildings as one outdoor unit can connect up to 64 indoor units (approximately). Much more advanced than split air conditioning systems, VRV (also known as VRF) can provide cooling and heating at the same time, making them an ideal choice for buildings where multiple rooms have different needs, like this recent project.

VRV systems can also integrate into buildings’ ventilation and wet heating systems, recover wasted heat from units cooling rooms, and transfer it to rooms requiring heating, making them extremely efficient.

Read more about VRV/VRF systems on our blog here. 

Daikin RYYQ VRV Outdoor units as installed by Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Daikin RYYQ VRV Outdoor units as installed by Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Daikin FXLQ floor standing indoor unit

Daikin FXLQ floor standing indoor unit




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If you are looking at replacing an out-of-date fossil fuel heating system with modern and highly efficient alternative, we have a range of VRV / VRF options available. Our optional 10-year warranty provides additional peace of mind as you know your investment is fully protected.


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