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Keeping your business property air conditioned and well ventilated can be a matter of safety, productivity and employee satisfaction. We can supply systems to hospitals, hotels, retailers, restaurants, schools and more

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At Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we can provide a tailored service to homeowners looking to cool their property without sending their energy bill sky-high. Our engineers can find a solution for any job

Trust Batchelor for Your Industrial Air Conditioning System

For 30 years, we have been the go-to source of premium air conditioning systems in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northamptonshire – so if you are in need of an industrial air conditioning system that is tailored to suit your needs, then you need to talk to us.

Our experts know all there is to know about air conditioning, cooling, air disinfecting and refrigeration – and that means that we can offer unmatched quality, reliability, versatility, and personal service. We combine the very best, well-trained, and highly qualified engineers, with the personalised relationship that can only come from a local business. We are a full-service operation, offering unbeatable customer service from the very first meeting, right through the product lifetime with industrial AC services and maintenance when needed.

Whether you are looking for a brand new or replacement industrial air conditioning system, Batchelor has the solution that is perfect for your needs. Read More

Why Use Industrial Air Conditioning?

Whether you are manufacturing or packing in your industrial premises, having industrial air conditioning can be a game changer for your employees – and your bottom line.

Even for businesses where temperature control is not an essential component of the production line, employees who are comfortable while they work are not only happier and more comfortable, but they are also more productive.

Even in the temperamental British summer, the heat in your factory or warehouse can make productivity slump – workers need to take more breaks to cool off, they become lethargic, and they can even become ill and need to take time off.

Just these reasons should be enough for you to consider installing or replacing your industrial aircon – but don’t forget about the legal implications, too.

Old, ineffective, and inefficient air conditioning will be making a dent in your energy consumption without providing the service that you need. It can also be causing you legal problems too, especially if there are leakages or your team are not adequately trained in correct usage.

That is why choosing Batchelor for your industrial AC is the best option – because not only will your premises get exactly the right configuration and installation, but you will also have access to all our knowledge to train you and your staff in using the aircon, as well as service and maintenance agreements with us so that small problems do not grow into larger problems.

The Batchelor Way to Air Conditioning for Industries

A business cannot reach the pinnacle of being the premier source of any service without happy customers, a portfolio of innovative ideas, and accreditation to back it all up – and we have it all.

When you contact the team, you will be immediately connected with an expert who can arrange a site visit so that we can see exactly what your options are when it comes to industrial air conditioning systems.

We work with the biggest names in industrial air conditioning solutions like Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin and are experts in every type of installation – ensuring that you can get everything done with minimal disruption and have a cool, comfortable workforce before you know it.

Call or email us today to have a chat about how our range of industrial air conditioning systems could save you money and time. Read Less

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