Air Conditioning Installation in Northampton

Trustworthy Air Conditioning Installation in Northampton

Aircon installation costs in Northampton can sometimes be terrifying, so it might be tempting to look for deceptively affordable solutions; however, what you don’t pay for up front will come back to haunt you in the form of multiple repairs and part replacements. You might ask, “How can I meet my needs at the lowest price?” Well, the cheapest options almost always stay that way by cutting corners and rushing jobs, which is shoddy at best and dangerous at worst.

At Batchelor, we propose instead asking, “How can I receive my money’s worth and avoid future issues?” We prioritise quality to ensure long-lasting work that outlives any warranties with ease, and we offer preventative maintenance plans that basically guarantee your machine will never stop functioning unless you want it to. Whether you’re in Northampton, or anywhere nearby, Batchelor’s air conditioning installation is an excellent choice for your business, warehouse, or home. Read More

Some Aircon Installation Services We Offer across Northampton Area

  • Cold Room installation and cold room maintenance for commercial and industrial use
  • Industrial refrigeration such as blast freezer installation
  • Commercial/industrial air conditioning installation across Northampton and beyond
  • Domestic air conditioning installation throughout Northampton and beyond
  • Financing plans for large or costly projects
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans for long-term machine care

We always keep up to date with advancements in the sector as well, so we’re familiar with virtually all currently used models and tech; we offer aircon maintenance and repair, whether we installed your unit or not. Plus, if you call us to help on a model we didn’t provide, we can check it for any manufacturer issues and suggest an appropriate maintenance plan for it.

Some Aircon Installation Jobs We Can Handle

Different buildings have different needs; here’s just some of the jobs we at Batchelor are qualified to handle:

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Social clubs
  • Gyms
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Stores
  • Schools and colleges
  • Medical practices
  • Office buildings

We’ve handled every one of these and can advise you on which ventilation or cooling system suits each one, so you don’t need to come to us with the details all figured out already. If you’re looking for something that will regulate your café or pub without disrupting the aesthetic, we can help; if you’re looking for heavy duty air conditioning in a supermarket that always needs to be on, we know what to do; if you’re trying to properly ventilate throughout a hotel, we can handle it.

Big Offers & More

Machines we’ve installed and maintained regularly surpass the warranty of the manufacturer, so we’re confident in the quality we offer. In fact, we’re confident enough to launch limited time deals like our Spring Offer.

For any machine you’ve ordered and that we’ve installed, we offer a 5-year warranty which includes free callouts and no labour costs. In addition to that, after 5 years, you can either upgrade your current unit to the latest model or add another 5 years to your warranty with the same benefits!

This deal is only available for a short time, but we have a “News” tab on our website where you can find other limited time offers just like it. We’re always looking for opportunities to offer clients the best. Read Less

Contact Us for a Free Consultation or Book Your Air Conditioning Installation throughout Northampton

If you’re interested in finding out more about our aircon installation in Northampton, the first step is just exploring your options and getting down some basic details, and it won’t cost you a thing; if you want to proceed from there, we can arrange a site visit, installation plan, and more!

To reach out, email or call 01234 712 901. You’re also welcome to come see us at 21 Stilebrook Rd, Olney, Buckinghamshire MK46 5EA.

Why choose us?

Choose Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for a personalised service and transparency at every stage of the operation. Not only do we offer impartial advice on the best commercial air conditioning for you, but we also include preventative maintenance, servicing, and repairs on all systems. After installation is complete, we always give full training on how the system needs to be used and how you can ensure that it complies with the law.

Other Services

Cold Room Installation


UV-C Air Disinfection

Heat Pumps



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