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Commercial air conditioning is essential for most businesses these days. From retail outlets and offices to factories and manufacturing outlets, cool, fresh air is a ‘must have.’

It doesn’t only make your staff feel more comfortable, but also more productive (since they won’t be nipping off to cool down every so often). Heat exhaustion also leads to lethargy – and that’s the last thing you want your employees, customers or clients to feel. Not just for your business, but their sakes too.

That’s regardless of whether you are a sole trader with just one other member of staff, a business owner with a factory full of employees or a restaurant owner tending to a room-full of customers on a nightly basis.

You can be confident that you in professional hands when you come to us here at Batchelor. That’s because we have been installing commercial air conditioning Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridge and surrounds for more than 30 years now.

As a result, we are familiar with the type of systems that suit particular layouts and sectors. Retail outlets and offices for instance, don’t require the same powerful systems and climate control as factories and warehouses. Retail environments, cafes and clubs also prefer a commercial air conditioning system that is unobtrusive and blends with their existing décor as much as possible.

Fitting and Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

Get in touch with our team here at Batchelor to make sure you get the right air cooling and ventilation system, at the right price, for your premises.

We keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in the sector and work with nationally-recognised and global brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba.

Once you contact us we will make a site visit and suggest an installation plan to meet your needs. Once we’ve agreed on a system and timescale our engineers will come and fit your commercial and industrial air conditioning unit with as little disruption to your day-to-day business as possible.

You can be sure there will be no hidden costs either – our initial pricing will remain throughout the installation, ensuring there are no nasty surprises on completion.

Air Conditioning After Service

One we’ve fitted your system we certainly don’t just leave it there. We will then train you on how to operate it so that you get the best possible value and use from your investment. This also ensures that you are legally compliant. Afterwards our team will always be on hand to help you with any regular servicing of your new commercial air conditioning system. We are also happy to take care of any maintenance issues that may arise in the future.

After all, we want to help you keep your staff cool and customers coming back – whether that’s to eat, drink and socialise in the hospitality sector, browse in your shop or turn up and wait for their appointment.

High Quality Air Conditioner Installations, No Matter Your Needs

Maybe you’ve just bought your first home, and you’re making sure it has every amenity; maybe you’re managing a grocery store renovation and want a machine that won’t ever break down and leave the seafood aisle’s temperature unregulated; maybe you own a warehouse that needs cooling to run efficiently. Whatever your particulars are, we at Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration company know how to help.

Our air con installations meet all health and safety regulations, and before beginning, we inspect the site and carefully determine how to best integrate the unit with minimal disturbance or alterations. We often work with globally known brands such as Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin to provide the best equipment as well. Batchelor values durability and quality above all else, but we also offer financing options that don’t sacrifice that quality if you’re struggling to meet costs upfront. In other words, we try our best to work with your particular situation. Read More

How Does Our Air Con Installations Work?

You can first contact us for a free consultation to explore your options and tell us what you’re looking for; if you’re not totally sure what your situation calls for, don’t worry! We’re professionals with 30 years of experience, so we’re happy to advise you on what would be best.

After a consultation, we conduct a site visit to assess our approach, after which we propose an air conditioning installation plan that fits your schedule and rhythm. We’re flexible, so if our initial proposal doesn’t quite work, rest assured that we’ll find a timescale that works for you. We also know that business never rests, so we look to be as non-disruptive as possible.

Once our engineers have finished installing the air conditioning system, we’ll show you exactly how your new unit works and train you on its various functions. If you’re interested in completely eliminating the risk of future issues, we also offer planned preventative air con maintenance! Details on that can be found under the “Services” tab of our website.

Professional and Affordable Air Conditioning Installation Services

Throughout the entire process, we keep things transparent and present any and all probable costs upfront, so you’ll have no unpleasant surprises waiting for you along the way. As a local business, we value a good relationship with the community, so it’s only natural we be trustworthy both in work quality and business conduct.

Still, we know that a solid domestic or commercial air conditioning installation can have an intimidating cost, which is why Batchelor has partnered with Origin Finance to create several financing plans. With these finance plans, you can spread out the cost of your installation over several years and pay it at a comfortable, profitable pace. It doesn’t matter if your unit is for a large hospital or your own home—we’ll work with you, so you needn’t delay your installation. Read Less

Install Your Air Conditioning System Today

We’ve worked with everything from sports clubs and hospitals to flats and small cafes, so you can be sure we’ll be suited to whatever your specific circumstances are. Get in touch for a consultation, and we can start figuring out what’s right.

You can reach us by calling 01234 712 901 or emailing Our office is located at 21 Stilebrook Rd, Olney, Buckinghamshire MK46 5EA.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for a personalised service and transparency at every stage of the operation. Not only do we offer impartial advice on the best commercial air conditioning for you, but we also include preventative maintenance, servicing, and repairs on all systems. After installation is complete, we always give full training on how the system needs to be used and how you can ensure that it complies with the law.

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