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Walk-in cold rooms are an essential item for many businesses these days.

From restaurants to hotels, pubs and other food retail outlets it is essential to maintain goods at a particular temperature to ensure they don’t spoil. The same can be said for medicines, plants and even cosmetics and art works.

Here at Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration we are refrigeration and cold room specialists, having supplied walk-in cold rooms and other refrigeration solutions in locations such as Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire for more than three decades now.

As a result, we are confident about our ability to advise you on the type of walk-in chiller room that we believe will best suit your business needs. Read More


Benefits of a walk-in cold room from Batchelor

Obviously, the main benefit of an entire, fully-shelved, walk-in space in which you can store a number of different items is the sheer size. Then there is the easy storage and instant access to particular items, when you need them.

A walk-in cold storage room also cuts down on the noise of fridges and freezers. Then there is the fact it can be adapted with storage rails, drawers and other items for your company’s particular requirements.

Because the goods have to be locked behind a door, there is less likelihood of it being left open by mistake and the food items inside spoiling or other items perishing.

All of our of walk-in cold rooms are customised to suit our clients’ particular needs. This means not simply designing the room to fit with its particular purpose, but also supplying the appropriate chiller and freezer temperature models, smooth coated non-slip flooring material and integral or remote refrigeration systems.


Additional features for walk-in cold rooms

We can also offer a range of additional functions, such as alarms and safety systems, as well as the most up to date and energy efficient examples currently on the market to keep your utility costs under control.

Alarms: Our cold rooms are supplied with a temperature display which has a built-in high and low temperature alarm. This is designed to alert you both visually and audibly should there be a problem with the temperature. It can also be connected to your building’s management system for further security purposes.

Safety: Our flooring prevents slipping and freezers are equipped with integrated heating elements to prevent freezing or moisture damage under the floor. The door frames have a heating element to ensure moisture and ice don’t form. The doors themselves have an internal emergency release mechanism.

Cold room doors: Hinged and sliding door versions are available. Both are energy efficient and easy to manoeuvre.

All freezer room doors are built with heating panels to prevent moisture and ice formation. These can be replaced easily should the need arise.

LED lighting: Automatic interior lighting in your cold storage room is a necessity. We use LED lighting for its cost-saving measures, efficiency and durability.


Walk-in cold room after-service from Batchelor Cold Room Suppliers

Once your cold room installation is finished it is important to regularly service the refrigeration and chiller equipment. At the same time, it is prudent to carry out any maintenance issues that may arise – however small – as soon as they occur, for this we also offer our own refrigeration repair service and cold room maintenance should you need.

At Batchelor we are happy to provide such services both for your peace of mind and the ongoing success of the business, in addition to ensuring you are legally compliant.
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Choose energy efficient equipment

Although we’ve been operating for almost three decades, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration remains at heart a local business, prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers. This means that we’ll never spring hidden fees on you, and only stock equipment which is certifiably energy efficient. Help have a positive effective on both the environment and on your energy bills today.

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