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Experts in Walk in Cold Rooms & Cellars

We offer bespoke, tailored made cold rooms and walk-in cold stores designed for your specific application.

Bespoke rooms are based upon your exact requirements with no project too small or too large, allowing you to have your needs met once and for all.

We can supply and install both Chiller and Freezer temperature models, flooring material, and integral or remote refrigeration systems; and with a range of optional extras, such as energy efficient systems, fail-safes and more, we offer you complete flexibility.

When you have a significant amount of stock that needs to be refrigerated, a cold room can be the best solution when compared to multiple upright cabinets.

We supply a range of products to accommodate all of your needs, regardless of whether it is a cold room, an upright cabinet or anything else to do with refrigeration.

Choose energy efficient equipment

Although we’ve been operating for almost three decades, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration remains at heart a local business, prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers. This means that we’ll never spring hidden fees on you, and only stock equipment which is certifiably energy efficient. Help have a positive effective on both the environment and on your energy bills today.

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