Air Source Heat Pumps in Exeter

Why Heat Pumps in Exeter Make Sense

Replacing an old boiler with one of a similar type will soon no longer be an option because the installation of new oil and gas-fired boilers will be banned from 2025. After that, alternative forms of heating will be necessary, and many people are switching already because they see the benefits of the latest technology.

An air source heat pump for your Exeter home is a great choice because it is much cheaper and more practical than a ground source heat pump. It is also much cheaper to run than an oil or gas-fired boiler and is much better for the environment since it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels and emits much less carbon. Read More

Is an Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Exeter Right for You?

When heat pumps were first introduced, they were big, noisy and not suitable for everyone. Now they’re much quieter, more compact and can be installed almost anywhere. As specialist heat pump installers in Exeter, we’ll make sure you get the best and most appropriate system that will meet your needs. Considerations include:

  • Space needed. Part of the equipment sits outside and so you’ll need somewhere to site it, although many units can be fixed to an external wall and so are suitable even for apartments.
  • A heat pump will be most efficient and cost-effective if your property is well insulated to prevent excessive heat loss. Loft and cavity wall insulation are recommended as well as double or triple-glazing.
  • Early models did make a lot of noise, but the latest ones emit a sound similar to a refrigerator. This comes from the fan that pulls in air and this sits outside the property. The best way to ensure minimum noise is to have your pump installed correctly by a qualified heating engineer.
  • Hot water. A heat pump isn’t like a combi boiler and so can’t produce hot water on demand. So, if you don’t have a hot water cylinder, you’ll need to have one installed or choose a separate instant water heater.
  • You need a pump that’s sufficient for your property without being bigger and more expensive than necessary. Additionally, since the heat from the pump is roughly half the temperature of that from a boiler, you’ll need bigger radiators or adequate under floor heating to generate the required amount of heat.

Exeter’s Local Experts in Heat Pumps

Since 1991, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has been serving local communities with top brands at affordable prices. We’ve gained a solid reputation throughout Olney and Milton Keynes for straightforward installations, regular maintenance, and swift responses when repairs are needed. From refrigeration servicing to domestic air conditioning, our staff are the experts to call.

Getting the Perfect Air Source Heat Pump for Your Exeter Home

Before we install an air source heat pump in Exeter, or any other system for you, we’ll undertake a full survey of your property and assess your needs. This will ensure you get the type and size of system that’s exactly right for you and has the necessary means of outputting heat and providing all the hot water you need.

Depending on your property, we may recommend a split system with separate indoor and outdoor units or a monobloc version where everything is outside except the pipes or ducts that carry the heat indoors. Monobloc systems tend to be cheaper, smaller overall and easier to install while split systems are more efficient due to the internal equipment suffering lower heat loss.

Whatever system we recommend and install, rest assured that it will work correctly and efficiently, will save you money on energy bills and will help the environment. And with our superb after-sales service, it will continue to do that for a very long time.

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