Commercial Heat Pump Services

Reliable Commercial Heat Pump Services

Whether you currently have a air source heat pump or are thinking about getting one, it is good to know that we are here with our maintenance services for your heat pump so that you get the most from it.

No one wants their heat source to break down. Luckily, a quality heat pump is usually reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance. Having commercial heat pump services that you can rely on means that you will not have to suffer downtimes, which could affect your business.

Local Experts in Residential Heat Pumps

Since 1991, Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has been serving local communities with top brands at affordable prices. We’ve gained a solid reputation throughout Olney and Milton Keynes for straightforward installations, regular maintenance, and swift responses when repairs are needed. From refrigeration servicing to domestic air conditioning, our staff are the experts to call.

Maintaining Your Commercial Heat Pump

Since having your heat pump installed, you have probably enjoyed having lower energy bills as the heat pump takes 75% of its energy from the environment. You are also doing your bit to help the environment, and a heat pump is a fantastic eco-friendly option.

To continue gaining these benefits, you want to ensure that your commercial heat pump is maintained so that it continues to offer you the same great service.

Regularly maintaining your heat pump means that very few of our customers suffer from the frustrations and problems associated with your system breaking down.

Here at Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company, we can offer you Planned Preventative Maintenance as part of our commercial heat pump services. This offers you regular maintenance, and if any small issues are found, they can be put right before they become a big problem.

A comfortable working temperature is vital for the comfort of your staff and customers, as well as any stock that you might hold. At Batchelor, we are here so that you can always achieve this.

Our maintenance schedule is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your heat pump continues to work well and maintains the temperature of your business or home. Read More

Call Us at Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for Your Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair Today

At Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, we love providing our customers with a solution that works for them. We always put quality and safety at the forefront of everything we do, and you can rely on us for your heat pump maintenance.

We have been providing cooling and heating systems for nearly thirty years. We enjoy repeat business from many of our customers, and when you use Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today, you will soon see why.

We also have customer testimonials that we would love for you to read. We are incredibly proud of the reputation that we have built over the past two decades, and we will continue to provide our customers with services that are second to none.

As part of our services, we can also provide you with a TM44 inspection to help you cut costs further and save more energy.

Experience more from Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and get quality workmanship every time you use us.

To find out more about our commercial heat pump services or ask any questions that you may have, get in touch with us today. Read Less

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