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Cold Room Maintenance Services from an Expert

When you have a cold room, you want to make sure that you have a service program that you can depend on. Cold rooms are often essential parts of retails, medical, hospitality industries, along with many more. You probably rely on your cold room to keep your stock at the right temperature, and understandably, you want to avoid anything going wrong.

Fortunately, Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company offers a cold room maintenance program for our customers.

We Comply With the Latest Regulations

The bureaucracy and regulations surrounding refrigeration unit repairs can be difficult to follow. However, with almost 30 years of experience the staff at Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration understand fully how to comply with the law and manage responsibilities on your behalf. This includes contracts that let us, as a third-party service provider, handle the legal requirements of F Gas compliance, leak checking every three months, and carrying out follow ups when a leak has been repaired.

Why is it Important to Regularly Maintain Your Cold Room?

Servicing your cold room is the best way to keep it running smoothly. Should your cold room go wrong, it could cause huge disruption to your business, spoil your stock and potentially be dangerous.

By ensuring that your cold room continues to work as well as the day it was installed, you can rest assured that your business can also continue running. What’s more, it ensures that you are legally compliant.

Along with this, through regular maintenance checks, your mechanic can thoroughly check the ins and outs of your refrigeration system to ensure there are no problems. If there are, there is no need to worry as our cold room repair service can help put them right.

Smaller problems are often much easier to fix with a spare part than problems that have got bigger. As you rely on your cold room, it is one of the reasons we always recommend having a servicing program.

If you have a cold room that has been designed, provided and installed by us, we will give you a service book for your records. We fill this in each time we visit so you can keep records of your upgrades, repairs and maintenance issues. Read More

Choose Batchelor’s for Your Cold Room Repairs

If your cold room needs repair or you want to set up a maintenance program that gives you peace of mind, choose Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

We have been in the industry for almost three decades, and during this time, we have helped many businesses achieve a cold room maintenance program that works for them.

Systems that have been installed and then maintained by us regularly outlast their manufacturer’s warranty periods, so you can choose us with complete confidence. We use recognised refrigeration suppliers because we realise that cheaper models do not stand the test of time or meet the demands of your business.

In everything we do, we pay attention to detail and provide you with quality service. It is just one of the reasons that we get so much business from repeat business and through word-of-mouth.

Read some of our customer testimonials to find out what our clients have thought about working with us. We are sure that you will love what you read!

You can fill in our online form today for a callback. Whether you have questions about how our maintenance program works, you would like to set up a cold room maintenance, or you would like a design consultation for a new cold room installation, we are the company for you.

We look forward to working with you. Read Less

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