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Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Let worrying about rising electricity costs for your business or home be a thing of the past when you install air source heat pumps. This new technology is so energy-efficient and economical that it utilises as much as 75% of its energy from the environment. You will only require the remaining quarter of energy from an electricity company to heat and provide hot water for your home or business.

In fact, today you will generate four times as much energy from air source heat pump installation than you use. Not only that but you could actually be paid money for sending unused electricity to the grid (via the Renewable Heat Incentive).

No doubt, as a business, you will also impress a number of your own customers and clients with your green credentials as you continue to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. And which is something you can boast about on your business literature too.


Why Book Air Source Heat Pump Installation with Batchelor

At Batchelor we have been supplying air source heat pumps to homes and local businesses in Bedford, Cambridgeshire and Oxford for the past two decades now. As a result, we have seen for ourselves how efficient and non-intrusive this new technology can be. It can maintain heat at low temperature for long periods of time and doesn’t require a lot of space internally.

And it makes a different straight away – saving you money on even your first electricity bill post-installation. At Batchelor we know how delighted ongoing electricity savings are for our customers. That is because we don’t just install the air source pumps, we also service and maintain them. Repairs are on our radar too and you can always expect a fast response as far as these are concerned.

Having said that, another benefit of air source pumps is that they really don’t require much maintenance and rarely need repairs.


Batchelor consultation service

But perhaps you are wondering if air source heat pump installation in Olney or Milton Keynes is the right technology for your home or company given its location and/or the nature of your business? We can understand that – after all, this is still a new technology. As a result, we are happy to come out and survey your surroundings and discuss your needs, free of charge. It could be, for instance, that another type of technology we install would work better for you.

Meanwhile, if you have immediately ruled out using air source heat pumps because your business or home isn’t on the ground floor then we can assure you, the technology will also work for first floor offices and apartments. It’s these and similar questions that we are more than happy to put you straight on, following an initial free consultation.


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At Batchelor we enjoy our work combining air source heat pumps and underfloor heating. And we’re good at it. We can provide a bespoke eco-heating solution for your business or home, without the need to call in other contractors.

If you are still unsure as to whether this is the technology for you then we are happy to put you in touch with previous clients. All have benefitted from air source heat pump installation and will no doubt be happy to discuss their individual experience with you. To find out more about what the team here at Batchelor can offer in the form of eco-heating technology, get in touch for a chat. You can call us on 01234 712 901 or email via our website We look forward to hearing from you!

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