Air Conditioning Milton Keynes

At Batchelor we’ve been keeping our clients cool and content for more than three decades now. That’s because we supply expert, high-quality and affordable air conditioning fitting and appliances – as well as maintenance – throughout the Milton Keynes area and beyond.

And we’re not just restricted to residential AC installations either. We are often called upon to upgrade, repair and install from scratch, air conditioning system in both commercial and industrial air conditioning ventures too. Here is a quick run-down of those services:

Quality Air Conditioning in Milton Keynes

One thing that you can be certain of in business is that temperature and its impact on your workplace can be erratic at best. Faulty climate control can make shops inhospitable in both winter and summer and can make a restaurant stuffy and uncomfortable. For other industries, it can ruin perishable stock or have a huge effect on worker productivity. Overall, the impact of substandard temperature controls can be catastrophic if left undealt.

Conversely, businesses who do invest in good quality air conditioning in Milton Keynes are likely to have greater footfall, better staff engagement and stock that can remain at an optimum temperature. There will be less impact from poor weather, which means you can function just as well in the summer as you can in the winter and thereby create a more efficient inventory process.

Air Conditioning Milton Keynes

Professional Air Conditioning Services across Milton Keynes Area

We’ve designed, installed and maintained all manner of air condition systems across the UK. Over the last thirty years, some of the biggest brands and public bodies have utilised our professional services, and we’ve gained a great reputation as a result. We have access to the top manufacturers of aircon and, through our expert maintenance work, many of the systems we’ve worked on have outlasted their warranties.

Among the types of air conditioning systems in Milton Keynes on offer, we include a diverse set of designs that can be used for all kinds of industrial and high-end domestic applications. These include:

  • Ceiling ducted units
  • Portable air conditioning solutions
  • Wall-mounted or floor mounted air conditioners.

Such an array of styles means that we can come up with solutions for a range of sectors which can include catering, food processing, retail units, hotels, events venues, offices, hospitals, schools and clubs, plus many more.

When you’ve reached out to us, we’ll offer you a consultation and a detailed summary of the options open to you. We know that each business that requires aircon systems across Milton Keynes will need a bespoke solution, so we’ll look at your business, the stock you might hold, or the staff use of each area. Then, we’ll put together the best possible system for your building and then start looking at pricing and offers we might be able to apply.


Of course, not every system has the same lifespan, and much of the aircon maintenance in Milton Keynes is devoted to those businesses that must use it year-round. That’s we also offer a fantastic range of maintenance contracts. Our engineers will come out to you and give your air conditioning a full and fast service, along with any repairs needed, for a competitive rate and with the same duty of care that we apply to our installations. That includes our dedicated emergency engineers, who will come out within 48 hours of your initial call!

Find the Right Aircon System for Your Needs in Milton Keynes!

Best of all, whatever you are after, whether it is a check-up of your system or a new installation, we’ll work hard to balance our high-quality service, craftsmanship and materials with some very tempting discounts, rewards and warranty coverage. We know that investments of this kind can be daunting, so we’ll make it as easy as possible for you and also offer you a range of competitive payment plans so you can spread the cost.

Fill in our enquiry form now, and we’ll be in touch with you by the end of the day to discuss your Milton Keynes’ air conditioning project and requirements!

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