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At Batchelor we pride ourselves on a wide array of happy customers over the years – that’s a full three decades in fact. Over that time air conditioning units have become smaller, more efficient and even portable.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we are well-versed in everything the air conditioning market has to offer these days. Not only do we promise to find a unit that’s right for you, but we’ll also find one that fits in perfectly with your budget too.

Looking for a New Air Conditioning System in Exeter?

Businesses that don’t invest in a good quality air conditioning system throughout Exeter run some fairly high stakes risks later on. As the climate continues to change and wet and warm seasons lengthen, systems are put through ever-increasing amounts of stress, which means they can very quickly develop faults if they aren’t installed or serviced properly. In turn, that means a limited capacity to plan financially or strategise inventory processes, especially if stock relies on decent temperature control.

In contrast, businesses that have installed and serviced their air conditioning in Exeter will benefit from fewer breakdowns, better energy efficiency and comfortable temperatures in their workplaces. For supermarkets and warehouses, it means better stock management, and for cafes, restaurants and hotels, it means a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere that people will want to stay in.

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High-Quality Aircon Systems across Exeter Area

As a premier air conditioning company in the UK for over three decades, we’re proud to have worked with some of the most distinguished brands. Our dedication to high quality means that we get to install and service some very fine examples of air conditioning units, whether they are wall-mounted, ceiling or portable. Brands we install include:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Fujitsu
  • LG Electronics

But it’s not just the brands we use that distinguishes us; it’s our service too. Our focus has always been on clean, comprehensive service that gets it right the first time, every time. When we install, repair or service an air conditioning system in Exeter, Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes or anywhere else in the UK, we always maintain the highest standards of professionalism, craftsmanship and safety. Most importantly, we want to know that your system is the right one for you.

When we take on a project, we will first want to look at your business needs and the site on which you would like air conditioning. We’ll take account of things like what kind of stock or equipment will need to be stored at a controlled temperature, where people will be working and whether there are any seasonal variations in the use of the building. We’ll then take you through the relevant options, which can include wall-mounted, ceiling or portable units.

Once we’ve installed your Exeter’s air conditioning, we will continue to offer you our services. Our aftercare is one of the best in the business, and we offer a very generous warranty when it comes to issues or problems you might encounter. You can also expect:

  • Expert servicing to keep everything working
  • Regular maintenance visits
  • Emergency visits made within 48 hours of you reporting any problems

All of which can be covered by our unprecedented ten-year warranty!

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We understand that ordering a quality aircon system in Exeter can seem like a daunting prospect when money is tight. That’s why we’ve gone over and above to offer you the very best value for money. We have regular discount offers, cash rewards for referrals and, of course, free servicing and repairs under our highly competitive warranty offer. And if you struggle to pay all in one sum, we also offer a very reasonable range of payment plans so you can spread out the cost!

Send us a callback request with a few details about your project, and we’ll get in touch today with our options of aircon systems across Exeter and a tailored offer just for you!

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