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All businesses rely on good quality temperature control. Some might need to be able to store products or equipment in climate optimised conditions, and others will need to provide comfortable and hygienic environments for staff, stakeholders and customers. In every case, a fall in air conditioning efficiency can have a wide-ranging impact on the company and its ability to function correctly.

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Those who do invest in their air conditioning in Barnstaple and look at it as a long-term investment will benefit a number of ways. With an expert maintenance company on board, they will enjoy increased control over their energy bills and functionality. That means an ability to predict and plan financially and peace of mind that they will not suffer the losses that an air conditioner breakdown can incur. Ultimately it means peace of mind.

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A Personalised Process to Find the Best Aircon System for Your Specific Needs across Barnstaple Area

Our air conditioning company’s mission is to offer you an air conditioning system in Barnstaple which will guarantee you reliability at an affordable rate. We’ve designed, installed and maintained industrial and commercial air conditioning for some of the biggest brands and public bodies in the UK, and in each case, we’ve shown that we don’t compromise on quality. Our units are drawn from the most reputable manufacturers, and with our maintenance, they have often outlasted their warranty periods!

When you enlist our help for your aircon system in Barnstaple, we will take you through a methodical process that is sure to get you the system installed for your business:

  • We’ll start by getting as much background on your business as possible. How you will be using your air conditioning will dictate which model is best for you, so we’ll look at what items might need to be kept at a particular temperature, where you will have people working and whether the air conditioning will be needed all year round.
  • Before we install, we’ll take a look at your property. We’ll need to know the measurements of the structure; how much space will be air-conditioned and what kind of materials have been used previously. We can also take a look at your old system if you have one and get an understanding of any previous issues you may have encountered.
  • We’ll ask for one final consultation, so we can be completely clear on your requirements, and you can be completely clear on our intended work.
  • When it comes to the actual aircon installation itself, we’ll work around your needs, so there is minimum disruption to your business. Our engineers are trained to keep a safe, clean workspace and work independently so you can get on with your day.

Once the work is completed, we will continue to check in with you and make regular service visits to make sure everything is working as it should. In the event that any fault or issue occurs, we offer 48-hour response to any emergency, so we’ll be with you in no time at all!

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A good quality aircon in Barnstaple will pay for itself. However, we recognise that the return on investment is not immediately clear, and the initial payment can be daunting regardless of the quality of the work. That’s why we have put together a range of payment plans so you can spread out the cost.

We’ve also put together a great range of other financial rewards, which include cash incentives for referrals, discount vouchers and an unrivalled warranty offer that will cover your equipment for years to come! Request a callback now, and we’ll get in touch today with options of air conditioning systems in Barnstaple and a custom offer for you!

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