Air Conditioning Milton Keynes

At Batchelor we’ve been keeping our clients cool and content for more than three decades now. That’s because we supply expert, high-quality and affordable air conditioning fitting and appliances – as well as maintenance – throughout the Milton Keynes area and beyond.

And we’re not just restricted to residential installations either. We are often called upon to upgrade, repair and install from scratch, air conditioning system in both industrial and commercial ventures too. Here is a quick run-down of those services:


Air Conditioning Milton Keynes: Domestic

Whether you are looking for an air conditioning system for your bedroom, sitting room, kitchen or throughout your home, then at Batchelor we’re happy to come and assess your living quarters and provide a free estimate on all work to be completed.

The bedroom, of course, is the most popular room in the home to install air conditioning. That’s because we spend a good seven to eight hours in our bed for a reason – we can’t function properly without a good sleep. A room that’s too hot will make us feel uncomfortable and sleep difficult.

You don’t have to worry about noise either. Our air conditioning systems won’t wake you up because they’re so quiet. And that means you can keep the window shut at noise so drown out any outside noises such as traffic or the early dawn chorus.

One of the big pluses of air conditioning systems these days is the fact they are so small, to the extent they can even be described as ‘unassuming’. Most are able to fit right in with the design of the majority of rooms in the home – even the bathroom – so that it’s only with the cool air that you can tell there is an air conditioning unit there.

Air Conditioning Milton Keynes

Air Conditioning Milton Keynes: Industrial

Large factories can reach ridiculously hot temperatures during the summer months, especially when machine is operating. And that’s why some of our largest clients at Batchelor’s are companies with large industrial warehouses.

We have industrial air conditioning systems to suit most large ventures and are happy to come out and provide a free assessment and costing of a large site. If you’re happy for us to go ahead, we can schedule the installation to ensure it won’t interfere with your production schedules.


Air Conditioning Milton Keynes: Commercial

Customers in hotels these days expect reliable air conditioning as standard. They’re paying for the room after all, so they expect a certain level of comfort. At Batchelor we have been supplying large hotel chains and boutique hotels with first class and affordable air conditioning for years.

But that’s not the only commercial area where air conditioning is important for a guest’s comfort – restaurant’s too want guests to enjoy a meal in comfort. Then there are pubs and night clubs – as capacity increases so too does the temperature and top-class air conditioning comes into its own.


Air Conditioning Milton Keynes: Public Sector

Schools, leisure centres, sports halls and hospitals all operate during the spring and summer months so air conditioning is important. It also rids halls and large areas, such as dining rooms and changing rooms of unpleasant smells – and for this alone it is celebrated!

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