Air Conditioning Bedford

At Batchelor we pride ourselves on a wide array of happy customers over the years – that’s a full three decades in fact. Over that time air conditioning units have become smaller, more efficient and even portable.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we are well-versed in everything the air conditioning market has to offer these days. Not only do we promise to find a unit that’s right for you, but we’ll also find one that fits in perfectly with your budget too.


Air Conditioning Bedford: Domestic

Make sure your home is as comfortable as possible temperature-wise, regardless of the time of year, with our domestic, compact air conditioning units. Choose from a system to suit your home design and pocket from our range of low-noise appliances.

Many clients choose air conditioning for the bedroom, kitchen and sitting areas where the family spend the majority of their time. However, air conditioning units can be fitted anywhere in the home, they are especially useful in a loft conversion or conservatory. The latter two areas can often be extremely uncomfortable in the summer months without air conditioning to provide cooling ventilation.

Our domestic air conditioning units can even be moved from room to room. Portable units are light and are certainly invaluable if you have damp or mould anywhere in the home as they can help remove moisture from the air. At the same time, they will also get rid of the awful smell of mould that often accompanies a damp patch.

Air Conditioning Bedford

Air Conditioning Bedford: Industrial

Large-scale warehouses and busy factories can both benefit from a dedicated air conditioning system. Not only will it keep employees cooler but it will also remove any nasty smells.


Air Conditioning Bedford: Commercial

Small shops and cafes can become sweltering in the summer time – especially if they have large glass panes at the front in place of a brick wall. In this type of environment air conditioning isn’t just desirable, but essential.

At Batchelors we can offer a range of small and inobtrusive air conditioning systems, including portable units, to help your customers stay – and keep coming back.


Air Conditioning Bedford: Why Batchelor?

At Batchelor we will go out of our way to make sure we find the right air conditioning system for you. That means one that fits in with your home and isn’t too punishing on your pocket.

And if you’re not too keen on using air conditioning because of all that energy use, well we can help out there too. That’s because we also have a range of ‘green’ units in stock which are guaranteed to keep your energy usage – and your bills – down.

We won’t just fit your unit and check that it’s working several weeks later. No, we’ll also continue to maintain it over the years, giving you peace of mind that it’s working just as well as the day it was installed.

Before we leave too, we’ll give you full instructions on how to use it so you get maximum use and pleasure from it.

If you’d like to know more about our services call us on 01234 712 901 or get in touch!

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